Do you want to cooperate with Ukraine in the field of cybersecurity? Here are concrete proposals

      • The Ukrainian cybersecurity specialists came to Brno to share their knowledge and experiences.
      • Simultaneously, they offered specific areas for potential mutually beneficial collaboration.
      • We present an overview of the areas where cooperation can be established.
      • You won't be alone in this— we'll assist you every step of the way.

18 Dec 2023

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At the end of November, the Brno-based CyberCampuscz came to life with an exceptional gathering, as we welcomed a delegation of fifteen cybersecurity experts. The historically first Czech-Ukrainian conference on cybersecurity, "Cybersecurity Twister Czechia & Ukraine", organized by CzechInno and CyberSecurityHubcz, marked the beginning of a new chapter in Czech-Ukrainian relations. Representatives from government spheres, universities, clusters, and other business entities came together to share their knowledge and experiences while also offering specific avenues for potential future collaboration.

In an atmosphere of expertise, openness, and a shared determination to forge a new chapter in relations with Ukraine, Ukrainian representatives in Brno also met with representatives from Czech authorities, institutions, and initiatives. The invitation was accepted by experts from the Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NÚKIB), Masaryk University, CSIRT-MU, CyberSecurityHubcz, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Discussions revolved around possibilities for strategic partnerships, the establishment of a committee "Czech Republic - Ukraine", and the overall framework of relations. 

Proposed Collaboration Points

Clusters and Business Missions

  • Establishing partnerships and preparation of Resilience and Recovery projects
  • Organizing and supporting business missions between Ukraine and the Czech Republic
  • Arranging Cluster-2-Cluster meetings and B2B sessions for targeted projects and programs 
  • Integration into the Professionals4Europe program

Resilience and Security

  • Interaction and experience exchange in the field of cyber protection for special communications
  • Establishing collaboration with relevant institutions in the Czech Republic
  • Seeking specialists in the field of cybersecurity 
  • Opportunities for collaboration in integrating cybersecurity tools and sharing incidents 

Scientific Projects and Academic Collaboration

  • Exchange of educational programs in cybersecurity and protection
  • Mutually beneficial partnerships for scientific projects and initiatives
  • Joint "double-diploma" programs in cybersecurity 
  • Collaborative projects to enhance IT infrastructure
  • Visiting professors and joint supervision of PhD students  
  • Initiation of internships for Master's students (Czech in Ukraine, Ukrainian in the Czech Republic)
  • Collaborative research platforms, training centres and laboratories 
  • Opportunity for joint application to climate challenges within Horizon Europe

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Which Ukrainian organizations can you collaborate with? 

Ukrainian Cluster Alliance


State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine


Institute of Special Communications and Information Protection


The State Cyber Protection Centre


National Aviation University


National Technical University of Ukraine - Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute


National Aerospace University - Kharkiv Aviation Institute


The international conference Cybersecurity Twister Czechia & Ukraine presented intriguing opportunities for collaboration between the Czech Republic and Ukraine in the field of cybersecurity. The proposals outlined during the presentations described specific pathways toward successful cooperation.

Memorandums of Cooperation 

The agreement to establish four new Czech-Ukrainian memorandums of cooperation has been reached, encompassing state institutions for cybersecurity, academic institutions, and cluster organizations. These will be followed by specific collaboration initiatives, negotiated during the meetings in Brno between the Ukrainian delegation and CyberSecurityHubcz and Masaryk University, the Brno University of Technology, and representatives of the Brno-based company GreyCortex, whose headquarters were visited by the delegation during their stay in Brno.

The main organizers of the conference were CyberSecurityHubcz and the association CzechInno, with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Thank you to all participants, and we look forward to more events together! For example, on April 24th at the 'AI Forum Czechia & Ukraine' conference focused on the use of artificial intelligence, including in cybersecurity. We will inform you about the event in advance. 

Are you interested in collaboration? 

Contact us and we will put you in touch. 


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