The Visionaries Award for Cybersecurity went to the Brno-based company GreyCortex

  • This was the first year the Cybersecurity Award was presented.
  • GreyCortex was awarded by an expert jury for the GreyCortex MENDEL cybercrime protection system.
  • Innovative achievements of Czech companies in the field of cybersecurity were also evaluated by experts from CyberSecurityHubcz.

19 Dec 2023

The award for the most beneficial innovation in the field of cybersecurity went to the Brno-based company GreyCortex. The Visionaries 2023 award was given to GreyCortex MENDEL for its cybercrime protection system. This is the first time that a special category in the field of cybersecurity has been awarded, so this year the expert jury included representatives of CyberSecurityHubcz. More than a hundred companies and organisations took part in the competition, of which those awarded received support from CzechInno and its partners in putting their innovations into practice.

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Cybersecurity visionaries

The award in the special category Cybersecurity Visionary was awarded for the first time this year, making it the only competition dedicated to innovations in cybersecurity developed and marketed by Czech companies.

"The number of cyberattacks on Czech companies, organisations and individuals is growing significantly, and so we often hear warnings, for example in the media, about cybercrime or the dangers of certain social networks or applications. However, there is a lack of positive solutions on offer," said Tereza Šamanová, Executive Director of CzechInno and Chief Analyst of the Visionaries project. "The aim of the new category Cybersecurity Visionary is therefore to search for and promote such positive solutions. At the same time, the competition should introduce Czech companies or organisations that come up with groundbreaking solutions in the field of cybersecurity, not only to those who are exposed to cyber attacks, but also to those who are trying to develop solutions to eliminate their consequences," Šamanová added.

The winner is the Brno company GreyCortex

For the first time this year, CyberSecurityHubcz was an expert partner of the competition, whose representatives sat on the jury. They evaluated a total of sixteen Czech companies that have launched a new product, system or implemented a breakthrough in the field of cybersecurity in the past period. The Cybersecurity Visionary Award went to the Brno-based company GreyCortex with its product GreyCortex MENDEL, which is the result of its own research and development.

"The GreyCortex MENDEL system primarily offers a common view of both the computer and industrial parts of the infrastructure - we can see simultaneously into the industrial control part and the more "business" systems of the company, which is not usual and is usually dealt with separately. In addition, the advanced methods allow us to detect new, previously uncharted vulnerabilities or attacks," said Tomáš Pitner, a member of the expert jury nominated for CyberSecurityHubcz.

GreyCortex MENDEL

GreyCortex addressed the expert jury with its cybercrime protection system and its economic and technological contribution in this area.

From energetics to artificial intelligence

Among the other four winners of this year's Visionaries competition were authors of innovations using artificial intelligence in healthcare, agriculture and water management. There were also significant environmental achievements in the fields of energy and waste management. The jury also awarded six honorable mentions and recognized the long-term contribution of two individuals. In addition to the significant technological and economic contribution, the breadth of the social impact of the innovations was also highly valued by the more than 100 nominated Czech companies and organizations.

The complete list of award winners is available on the website of the main organizer of the competition - the CzechInno association here (the article is in Czech). 

The award ceremony of the thirteenth edition of the competition took place on 6th December 2023 in Prague. The aim of the event, organized by the CzechInno association, is to annually search for, evaluate and award innovative achievements with the most significant technological, economic and social benefits or combinations thereof. CzechInno is part of EDIH CyberSecurityHubcz.

Foto: Martina Samková, CzechInno
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