Make sure your cybersecurity is not left in the corner

You've probably already heard that cybersecurity is important to your business. But turning awareness into meaningful action is often difficult. CyberSecurityHubcz, the only digital hub (EDIH) in the country focused on cybersecurity, is responding to this reality. Thanks to it, you can benefit from the expertise of three universities and a number of other organisations, free of charge.


The services offered by CyberSecurityHubcz can be summarized in four main areas. These are product or service testing, training and skills development, building an innovation ecosystem and support for cybersecurity business development, including advice on finding investments. These services have several levels of sophistication, specializing in SMEs and public administrations. They are designed to support digital transformation and their provision is publicly funded. CyberSecurityHubcz clients therefore subscribe to them completely free of charge.

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Support to find investments

The European Digital Hubs (EDIHs) are an EU initiative to create systems of organizations = hubs in Member States to help businesses and public sector organizations respond to digital challenges. EDIHs focus on different areas, such as AI, industrial innovation or cybersecurity. They then provide expert services in these areas to improve processes, products and services.

Focused on small and medium-sized enterprises

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and digital transformation is key to their sustainable growth. Similarly, medium-sized businesses must continuously look for ways to access digital opportunities. However, their use also carries with it the risks of cyber threats. That this is a topical issue is demonstrated, for example, by regular reports from the National Cyber and Information Security Agency. However, getting to grips with what the cybersecurity landscape encompasses may not be easy, as it is constantly changing and also encompasses a range of areas - from technology, to processes and law, to employee training.

That is why many Czech companies welcome the opportunity to have an expert guide such as CyberSecurityHubcz. The only really essential condition for using its services is an active approach on the part of the company. In practice, it all starts with the interested party contacting the Hub, and following this, representatives of the company meet with Hub experts for initial consultations. The initial consultation includes the first service, the so-called Cybersecurity Assessment. This is a process where potential risks are identified and bottlenecks in the company's cybersecurity are sought. The Hub's experts then propose a set of recommendations and subsequent relevant services that can help the business in its situation.

The portfolio of services offered by CyberSecurityHubcz experts is really wide, including:

  • employee training,
  • consulting on strategies and business models,
  • help in finding digital opportunities,
  • research collaboration,
  • networking with funders and technology solution providers as well as other digital hubs focused on, for example, AI or industrial innovation.

The company then takes the recommended services until the end of the cooperation, which takes the form of a final reflection and feedback. The main advantage for Czech companies is the possibility of using the expertise and experience of experts from several organizations, including three top universities (Masaryk University, Brno University of Technology and Czech Technical University in Prague). Thanks to CyberSecurityHubcz, everything takes place in set cooperation mechanisms and there is no need to address each organization separately.

The purpose of CyberSecurityHubcz is to strengthen the resilience of the state, organisations and society. It was founded by Masaryk University, the Czech Technical University in Prague and the Brno University of Technology in 2020. Since then, it has been strengthening the position and competitiveness of Czech research, education and cooperation with the private and public sector in the field of cyber security. It is located in the middle of CyberCampuscz, which it also coordinates.

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